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Barry Spencer won the 2000 SCCA Solo National Championship in his Lotus Europa that was 
powered by a Mazda 3 Rotor turbo with 440 rwhp. 0 - 60 in 2.1 seconds.
The Essex Turbo Esprit is a very special model to Barry Spencer
 as he was part of the engineering development team at the factory.
Specializing in the following models:
Lotus 7, Elan, 26r, Elan+2, Europa, Eclat, Elite, Esprit S1,S2 and Esprit turbo up to 1995, M100, JH.
Lotus twin cam engines from street to full race spec.

Lotus 907, 910 and 912 street to performance spec. 

All Lotus gearbox's and transaxles.

Anything from an oil change to a full restoration.

Dealer for 123 Electronic, programmable distributors for the Twin cam, 907, 910 and 912 engines. More information on the Electronic distributor page.
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